What are the advantages of this package? This is for the average user.
1. 8gb data (every month). If the data has run out, you can continue to buy through Happy Hour or through any nearby Dealer. Prices are negotiable with the dealer. Standard 1gb = RM5
2. Inexhaustible data? Don't worry… Data carry forward to next month. This means that in the next month, the inexhaustible data will be mixed with the data given on a monthly basis.
3. Existing data auto on if used and auto off if not used. This system is the same for all users of the Black package (B10 / B39 / B39 plus_20 / B59db / B50 Plus_30 / B89db). But now we cite the B39 je yek.
4. Data can be shared with any onexox user. Maximm once share is 10gb,
5. Call minutes will be 200 minutes per month .. init will increase if not used and it will also carry forward to next month
6. Call minutes can also be shared with any onexox user.
7. If the call minutes run out, you can buy through happy hour or any dealer nearby.
8. The value of call minutes is 9 cents per 1 minute. If there are 200 minutes, multiply the jer with 9 cents. Hehe
9. As long as this call minute is available, it will not take the credit available in the system
10 Credits will only be used if the call minutes are gone. Meaning when the call minute is 0, the charge will be taken from the credit. So always monitor your call minutes.
11. Sms is the same as call minutes too .. I didn't quote you…. Because many people don't have minutes with sms

Disadvantages: Pay RM 39 + 6%gst = approximately RM42.00